ALTOON | Strategic

ALTOON | Strategic provides consulting services to investment, land ownership, and development entities, advising them on defining a vision for their investment, creating a strategic plan to implement it, selecting the appropriate design team to produce it, and monitoring the communication between them to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their engagement.


5805 White Oak Avenue | Encino, CA 91416

PO Box 16249 | Encino, CA 91416


Throughout a nearly 50-year professional career, working in several distinguished architectural practices and in his own firm for 30-years, Ronald Altoon has led the design effort on a myriad of project types, achieving award-winning design recognition. Collaborating closely with his clientele, and observing a heightened respect for contextual design, his international expertise includes Urban / Master Planning, Lifestyle / Mixed Use, Residential, Retail / Repositioning, Transit Oriented Design, Adaptive Reuse and Education.

All projects represented here were the product of Ronald Altoon’s design leadership not only at ALTOON | Strategic, but also as Founding Partner-for-Design at Altoon Partners and Altoon + Porter Architects.